Art Series vol.1 VVAA. [2phonic recordings]

Art Series vol.2 VVAA. [2phonic recordings]

Label: 2phonic recordings
Spain 2018
Format: digital compilation

In this second edition of «Art Series» we have luxury artists within the Lo-Fi, Deep House and Nu Disco scene from around the world, simply a cast of creativity in the same musical project…
We start with «Rei» and his «Friday Train» track, dynamic energy on all four sides, Manuel Costela and his «Simple Movement» a trip to the deepest of the pure and hard Groove, Following the script we have, «Parallel Dimension» produced by «Jo Pariota» takes us into another parallel universe as its title says… «Yasuo Sato» with his characteristic style leads us to the most melancholic corner of the mind with «Feeling Down», Now it’s time for «Diskkoala.» with «Hold Me» a journey under the sea mixing his disco style with Rhodes and Deep Synthesizers, «Ecilo» returns home to deliver this delicious composition of the deepest called «Runaway Detroit», It’s now the turn of «Echochamber» who comes from the Canary Islands with his Dub Deep style as if we were in the middle of the storm…pure magic, «Deepbreath» and «Simple As That» is an exquisite track full of changes and rhythmic depth smooth as silk, Fat sounds and vibrations seasoned with a changing groove would be the best definition of this great track «Back To School» by the producer «Hyman Bass» who has the habit of wanting to immerse us in his cave, «Ku$h» has us accustomed to a quality deep house and in this «Oh Girl, My Girl » shows us again that not only is he faithful to his style but also improves with each work.
The Mexican «Juan Moreno» has a sixth sense for the real groove, the one that makes us close our eyes and dance and in this «Wake Up» it shows again, pay attention to all the details and enjoy, «Angel Galan» is a specialist to make your mind evade reality and get it in this spectacular «The Awakening», The last work is the last but it is not below the others. On the contrary, this «When You Travel» is a marvel for the dance floor produced by «Orabich Down Beats» and teleports us to a world full of Glitterballs and wide pants!

All tracks Written and produced by Rei, Manuel Costela, Jo Pariota, Yasuo Sato, Diskkoala., Ecilo, Echochamber, Deepbreath, Hyman Bass, Ku$h, Juan Moreno, Angel Galan and Orabich Down Beats.