Art Series vol.1 VVAA. [2phonic recordings]

Label: 2phonic recordings
Spain 2016
Format: digital compilation

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2phonic Recordings is pleased to announce this magnificent selection of works by some worldwide artists from Japan, Mexico, Brazil, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Switzerland. different environments and sounds but one heart, they give us all kinds of styles together…Techno, Deep House, Trip Hop, Ambient Vibes…just enjoy!

1 Walking Talking (Original mix) 6:44 Angel Galán
2 The Dancers (Original mix) 5:09 Jo Pariota
3 Raw Lines (Original mix) 5:45 Deepbreath
4 Outer Space (Original mix) 6:32 Hyman Bass
5 Orbita Eliptica (Original mix) 7:51 Manuel Costela
6 Evening Glow (Original mix) 6:50 Yoshiyuki Ota
7 Antenas (Original mix) 4:15 Daytona Team & Senmove
8 Ride Da Snake (Original mix) 7:23 Defence Of Excess
9 Nocturna (Original mix) 8:14 Human Robot
10 Telephatic (Original mix) 6:35 Juan Moreno
11 Morning Brightness (Original mix) 5:21 Tomi Chair & Yasuo Sato
12 Donto (Original mix) 7:17 Protyv
13 Mitra (Original mix) 6:17 Rafa Espada
14 Tokio Villas (Original mix) 5:35 Danger Dub
15 Night Fireflies (Original mix) 6:41 Oval Future Face