Format: USB Card/Digital
Release Date: November 2021
Ltd. Edition: 70 copies
Cover on 250gr Materica Gesso cardboard
8Gb Screen-printed USB-Card
Anti-static protective bag with sticker
Hand-cutted & Hand-assembledUSB UFO-CARD 25 UNID. LIMITED EDITION: 

Tesla Radio. 
GRAINS. Remixes & Visuals

Grains [Remixes & Visuals] is a round-trip journey driven by Chinowski Garachana, in collaboration with Barcelona label Sevendipia Records and Oigovisiones Label, in January 2021 with the release of Grains (OV|7D005).

Following Noisescapes (OV Label, 2020), Teslaradio offers us another impressive collaborative exercise that brings together more than 20 artists, among remixers and visualists of the national experimental scene.

In terms of music, we find an abundance of artists from the effervescent community of Málaga and Andalusia. that expands networks, thanks to projects like this one, to all the national territory (Barcelona, Madrid, Galicia…). Dode Carmenismo applies his electro acoustic studies to Elektronisches Labor while Sevillians BeatLove are taking this one by the way of deep-house. Caradusanto and Structweird go through the turmix of their modulars with Glitches of capitalism and Hope respectively, supported by beats and illbient the first one while Barcelona’ musician charges of hope with his open and abstract ambient. Toroide’s boss, Angel Galán, takes Grooverment’s collapse by a total isolationism

The slow and organic rhythmic of JL Amores on Isolierte contrasts with Linalab’s severe chopping of New hope. You can recognize Erinaq’s work with Chinowski himself -in the very short Langsame normalität- and Cravat in the ethereal version of Meme viral, another luminous monstrosity. By the way of the sonorous forcefulness, the final part with remixes by Lévar, Multiman -who also mastered the album- and the unmistakable Bromo.

On the visual side, more than 6Gb of video material, there are einterpretations from Los Voluble with their recognizable analogical and provocative line, the careful geometrical games of Elimaginario or the different organicity of Emilio Mula or Sergi Palau. Kaleidoscopic and surrealistic is Sofía Bartomeu’s gaze, while Azael Ferrer, Jordi Blasco and Gnomalab twist their visual code tools with very personal results.

Extraordinary the development and packaging designed by The Lacemaker and the master of Julián Calvo. They both manage with such a diverse material in genres and content to give it an aesthetic and sonorous patina that unifies the whole thing. 




Released November 9, 2021

Composed by Teslaradio.
Mastered by Julián Calvo.
Designed & assembled by The Lacemaker.
Published by OV Label & Sevendipia Records.
Produced by El sueño de Tesla & OV Label.

Music by Chinowski Garachana / Structweird / Erinaq / Bromo / Cravat /Caradusanto / Beatlove / Angel Galán / Lina Bautista / JL Amores / Multiman /Alejandro Lévar / Dode Carmenismo

Visuals by Los Voluble / Gnomalab / Sofia Bertomeu / Elimaginario Vj / Sergi Palau /Emilio Mula / Jordi 8lasco / Azael Ferrer / Esquizográficos asociados.

License Creative Commons By-Nc-Sa 4.0