VVAA/RMX_the Wire


VVAA/RMX – The wire [c-c-rec-020]

Label: clear-cut-records
Germany 2009
Format: digital-netlabel
Varius Artist Remixes Compilation

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Think about the past to generate the future was the subject of this album.

Part one are remixes out of 12 ccrec classic tracks. 6 artists from ccrec and 6 artists from tonkultur berlin create a wide range of modern minimal sounds, from club to house, for your listening pleasure.

Part two is a special dj set by e-teb. 19 ccrec-tracks in the flow, melt together as one new thrilling line.

The 12-track-remix part starts with a new interpretation of lilliehorn´s “tio”. meto moves with his edit right to the dancefloor. smooth and powerful he enhances the sounds. dropout gives to us “a new hope” original by angel galán. a smasher for the floors. deep and pulsating in every vein. make it slow, no, make your “dayday” with e-teb´s flowing house-edit of funkzelle´s track. the original is still alive in this mix but e-teb´s revival is even more dominated by the crazy voices and deep house tunes – a modern garment for this track. steven reitz is watching out for a great “weekend”. lilliehorn´s track in best minimal shape, reduced to the max. collen vax´s reinterpretation of funkzelle´s “transfer picture” brings us to a clear and clubby feeling. a deep “exploration” of the original “techno-pop” arrangement. the zipping-zapping remix of e-teb´s “zip machine” by angel galán is a crazy interpretation in best galan style. progressive unconventional. a special, never heard before, sound-mixing.

Just move to the slow, deep sound of life. this edit of glander´s “hellomoon” by blaque unit shines bright in completely length. a piece to lay back and enjoy. next adventure is lilliehorn´s remix of angel galán´s “estas toronto”. a dramatic and powerful remix. a colorful flashlight for the floors. check out a new kind of minimal conversation of meto´s “rex and hans in space”. megatony is on the line right through the orbit than back to earth with his edit of this track. paulice is whispering “desires stomped by reaction”. like a river of soulful sounds she gives her own opinion of jeff willett´s original sounds. a deep dub trip in warm soundscapes. jeff willett is closing this journey of minimal moments with his own kind of sound mystic. dub and deep house melt together in this new “transfer picture” edit. fresh and unconsumed like the remixes before he gave new life to wellknown ccrec sounds. now its up to you to pick up the pieces. pick up your minimal moments.

Big thanks to all artist gave this release the birth. thanks to tonkultur berlin for their kindness, friendship and passion.
thanks to e-teb for a thrilling mix-set.

jürgen and gerd